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A BOB Revolution is the Only Stroller You Need – Are You a Fan?

When you think of quality jogging strollers, BOB Revolution has to come to mind.  Best known for handling trails, the elements and everything the world can throw at it, BOB Revolution has a following like no other stroller on earth.  In fact, BOB Revolution has become so popular that imitators have come out of the woodwork to copy it, but none come close.  But you knew that, right?  Have you gone to a store and pushed around a BOB then pushed around another jogging stroller?  Compared the quality of the materials and sat your child in the seat?

There simply is no alternative.  A BOB is a BOB is a BOB and everything else simply isn’t!

Gone are the days of the fragile, plastic and spongy designer strollers costing upwards of $1000 or more.  Know of any?  Today’s parents are active.  Today’s parents have more to do than shop.  Today’s parents need a stroller that can stay active and actually be useful for years to come.  Frankly, today’s parents need a little more respect.  Am I right?

bob revolution

The Philosophy Behind BOB Revolution Strollers

The folks behind the BOB Revolution brand think differently.  They design strollers around their outdoor loving lifestyle.  They design around freedom and love for nature.  They’ve publicly committed to quality over quantity, to innovative design vs. being the first.  These standards have pushed BOB Revolution ahead of the pack in the stroller industry and they’re just getting started.  BOB is designed for real people.  Strollers than you can put in any car and take anywhere.

One of the BOB Revolution’s founders, Roger Malinowski is quoted as saying,

“We wanted the best of a bunch of worlds,” says Roger. “A lightweight, high-quality stroller that you could still take running, hiking or off-road and also fold up easily and compactly. The fact we could put all of these elements in one stroller is what really attracted people to it.”

BOB Revolution History

In 1999, after designing and producing prototypes, the founders turned their strollers over to the most daunting test a stroller can have – they gave them to their kids.  They abused the strollers in ways that probably have never been replicated since and what came out of this was the original BOB.  Two years later, in 2001, customer demand expanded their lineup into a BOB Revolution Duallie and two years later, the Ironman was born.  Ironman still to this day is a professional grade jogging stroller that can hold up to incredible demands.

In 2005, the first major change for BOB was unveiled – the swiveling front wheel.  This changed the outlook on BOB Revolutions forever because the wheel could lock for jogging, and unlock with the flick of a finger and turn on a dime.  And as they say, the rest is history.

Our family has enjoyed a BOB Revolution since 2008 after a brief stint with two designer models that could not hold up to the exercise standards we we accustom to.  Believe me and read carefully; The novelty of gadgets and fluff on strollers wears off quickly.  The dependency and reliability of a BOB Revolution lasts a lifetime.

BOB Revolution – The Stroller You’ve Been Searching For

bob revolution

We at Go BOB Stroll have a lot of experience and love for all BOB Strollers.

Here is a quick snapshot of all the BOB Models that you can review and decide which model works best for your family:

BOB Revolution SE Singles and Duallies
BOB Revolution CE Singles
BOB Fitness Strides Singles and Duallies
BOB Ironman
BOB Sport Utility Singles and Duallies
Must Have BOB Accessories
See the Real Time Best Prices Here

I encourage you to buy a BOB Stroller.  It’s with great passion that we write about these amazing strollers.  They absolutely made my life better after our baby was born.  The somehow seemed to “normalize” us if that makes sense.  The confinement of a newborn is lifted and reintroduced health and new experiences that were being missed.  Designer strollers are about as functional as a football bat.  Go with your instinct – go with BOB.

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